The Ting Sling - The iconic design of the Ting Sling has graced yachts, pool decks, patios and gardens around the world for over fifteen years.

Ting Studio designed and developed the Ting Sling hammock in 2000 and has since evolved and enhanced the design and manufacturing process.

A collaboration between Inghua Ting and Niki Smart who met at the Royal College of art in 1997, where they were studying Constructed Textiles and Vehicle Design respectively. The Ting Sling represents their first joint work, where textiles meets automotive design. The innovative use of woven seatbelt combined with the surface development software used to design vehicles, creates a unique three dimensional body contoured woven hammock.

Strength - Seatbelt material is designed to meet the most stringent automobile crash safety tests. This high strength material also has a smooth weighted feeling and when woven into a hammock, the performance and feel of the fabric perfectly compliment one another.

Technology - A three dimensional model was created to reflect the slung contours of the human body. These shapes were digitized into a surface that was then deconstructed to break down the individual lengths of each strap of the hammock. The resulting shape transitions from a flat plain weave at each end to a deep concave through the centre of the hammock. This not only creates a more comfortable conforming surface to lay on, it also helps to maintain stability when getting in and out of the hammock.

Engineered - All of the metal parts of the Ting Sling are made to last. 304 stainless steel is used throughout, with 316 specification available for more demanding salt water climates.

Hand Woven - Each hammock takes one day to weave with our highly skilled craftsmen. Special care is taken to achieve the correct tension required to ensure the integrity of the unique three dimensional weave.